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Provide you with one-stop waterproof material supplier

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    Hotline:0536-5525018 Consultation

    Source manufacturer Kunyue waterproofing Experienced, advanced technology, strict management, standardized operation, reliable construction quality

    Experience in Material Production and SalesExperienced and skilled

    Quality assurance is comprehensive and long-term cooperative relationship has been established with several major cities in China.

    Complete waterproof productsIntelligent innovation

    Satisfy user's requirements for different products.

    Enriching the overall quality of products with technology.

    Rigorous craftStrict Quality Control

    Excellent equipment and technology as the core, excellent quality as a guarantee

    The production process has a perfect inspection and testing system, and the unqualified products are not allowed to leave the factory, so as to avoid later problems.

    Focus on R & DFocus on R & D

    Ensure that the waterproofing materials of our company can be used to ensure "no leakage" and improve the quality of waterproofing construction to a new level.

    Quick after saleWorry about aftermarket

    Covering the national after-sales service network system, so that you can find us at any time

    Telephone service responds instantly and solves problems for customers.


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    Hotline:0536-5525018 Consultation

    ABOUT USIntentional ability to innovate and competitive ability to develop

    about us Shandong Kunyue Waterproof Material Co., Ltd.

    When the world to wonder looked at the reform and opening up to Chinese footsteps of a giant stride forward, Shandong Kun Yue waterproof materials Limited by Share Ltd by Dongfeng soar, break a piece of the vast sky in the competition of market economy. We integrate resources, give full play to our advantages, and take the road of diversification and anti war; we advocate science, strive for inno...


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